Join our Fitness group

Would you like to enjoy a personal training session in a small group of highly motivated people?
Do you need help with your techniques and to build up confidence to train regularly with your team or friends?
Are you bored training by yourself and do you want to find a training partner?

There are so many benefits to joining our small fitness classes.

What are you waiting for?
Arrange your free training session and let’s do it together.

What we use: TRX, Plyobox, Kettles, Weights, Olympic Bar, Tyre Training, Stability Ball, Skipping Rope, Multifunctional Station and Physio Bike, Interval Training and more.

Where: A Private studio with private outdoor space.

Existing Classes with our Personal trainer

Core & Corrective exercises for your posture on Monday at 7pm with Martina (Beginners)

Athletic circuit training & Core on Tuesday at 7pm, 8pm with Martina (All levels)

Yum Mum fitness Group on Saturday at 9am with Gina (All Levels)

Fitness Bootcamp on Friday at 12pm with Gaynor (All levels)

Buddy Training

I want to book personal training sessions but don’t want to do it alone?

Enjoy all the benefits of our personal training program with a partner, friend or family member.

Buddy training is perfect for those who want to motivate and encourage one another to get fit and healthy and enjoy a bit of friendly competition while they’re at it. Buddy training is not only a lot of fun, but it’s a more cost – effective way to exercise than an individual personal training program. Just like our personal training program, buddy training is tailored to the goals of each individual client.

Contact Yogabatics Team: 07722141380

Included in the Buddy T raining package

  • Pre/ assessment questionnaire
  • Nutrition tips
  • 12 week home workout program
  • What’s App support