Get fit with: Gina

After baby number 2 I decided it was time to fall in love again with my passion. I’d side lined fitness for so long for so many reasons but after the birth of my second I decided to re- train and help other mums and women fall in love with fitness.

I started off my fitness journey teaching mum and baby exercise classes. I absolutely love watching mums enjoy fitness with their little ones. The body transformations are amazing and it’s amazing to watch the mum’s fitness levels grow week on week. It wasn’t long until mums were asking for 1:1 session which led me to becoming a personal trainer.

We can sometimes stop enjoying fitness for so many different reasons… maybe we didn’t see the results we wanted, maybe we didn’t gel with our trainer and they didn’t motivate us enough to stay committed, or maybe having kids stopped you from getting back to fitness. Well I have been there and come through the other side. So, whatever the reason is, it’s my job is to help you fall in love with fitness. Show you that nothing needs to be a barrier between you and fitness. Fitness can be fun. You can achieve your goals and you can love the journey every step of the way. Yes, it can be hard work to achieve your goal but hard work doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

If you are new to fitness, pregnant and want to stay fit through pregnancy, just had a baby or hoping to get back into fitness after a break, then I can help you achieve your goals!

I a fully trained personal trainer and a pre and post- natal specialist, as well as a trained pelvic floor coach.

For me these sessions are all about you…I’m here to help motivate you, push you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

I can train you from the comfort of your own home or in our amazing gym. I can work around your needs and wants.

What are you waiting for? Make that first step today and get in touch.

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