Get fit with: Martina

Over the past 11 years Martina has been at the forefront on the UK Yoga and Personal Training industry with clients ranging from Premiership Footballers to Mum’s struggling before and after birth.  After a 2year break having a child, she has recently opened a new holistic personal training / yoga studio in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

Martina holds  2 Master’s degree’s in Physical Education and Humanities ( M.A./ from Czech Republic and has been an ambassador for several sports brands whilst featuring on mainstream television. You are in a safe pair of hands with Martina and she will help you to achieve your goals.

My Passion

  • I have many years of experience as a personal trainer with dozens of satisfied clients in exercises aimed at gaining muscle mass or, conversely, weight loss and shaping
  • I train group lessons for adults and kids: buddy training, yoga training, circuit training, kids yoga classes
  • I have also been preparing some sports people in the vicinity with core fitness and rehabilitation
  • I am very passionate about designing a suitable food menu for my clients and helping to make the right nutritional choices
  • I’m an advanced trainer of exercises without weights especially for senior, pre/post -natal and restorative injuries, non weight training with assisted stretching
  • I’m also a trainer of overall bodybuilding and core weight sessions

For a free, no – obligation introductory chat, call Martina on 07722141380 email or check out Facebook
Also Instagram: Yogabaticsuk.